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COMPLETE Home integration

Here at The Binary Works, we know that simple is best. We have many years of experience of Home Integration and know what works. We simply strip out the complexity and make every digital system in your home available instantly at your fingertips. Quick, elegant and robust.

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Home Cinema

From the simplest system in the Playroom, to the most bespoke of Home Cinemas, we can help. We can provide you with everything from the technically accurate designs to the remote control in your hand. Sit down and relax. You’ve earned it.


Audio Systems

From audio to every in every room, to music in your garden we have you everything you need. If your pleasure is true to life concert experiences in your listening room, we can help get you there too.


Lighting and SHades

We feel that lighting is very important when it comes to creating the right atmosphere in your home. From simple one room solutions to completely automated control of your lights and shades when your not at home we can help to fulfil you needs.


Heating, Air Conditioning and WindowS

Having everything you need at you fingertips is our goal at The Binary Works. Our experience of integrating with many different environmental control systems allow us to give you access to all of your heating and cooling needs. We can even close your windows when you leave the house. Complex technology, integrated and simplified.


cctv, Intruder and FIre Alarms

We take security and safety very seriously at The Binary Works. Our systems integrate with leading security systems which can notify you or your monitoring company of any suspicious activity in or around your home. We can also alert you if there is a fire in your home.


Gates and access control

Simple and elegant access to your home is a must. It is easy to recieve your guests, no matter where you are with a system from The Binary Works. See who’s at the gate and let them in if you wish. We can even open open a pedestrian gate or garage door.


internet, wifi and data networks

At the heart of every connected digital system lies a data network. This includes everything from Internet access to the WIFI in your home. At The Binary Works, we know that a great network requires 2 things. Best in class hardware and the experience to get the best from it. The two go hand in hand.



We at The Binary Works believe that every successful project requires a fluid exchange of clear information. Our core goal is to make sure that everybody involved has a clear understanding of how the end goal is to be achieved. We can provide everything from the design, hardware, installation and commissioning of your project. Spend some time with us and let us see what we can do to help.